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Pokémon Go Starter Guide

The Pokémon Go is currently one of the most favorite mobile applications. As much as it is popular among many players, the application has certain gameplay concepts that are not east to engage or understand at the first encounter. We have therefore decided to help you understand some of the crucial concepts of this game. Buy Pokemon Go Account to experience the fun that many other people are currently experiencing. This read, therefore, explore the essential strategies, tricks, and tips that are needed to make an individual a better player.

Best tips

Essential tricks and tips

There are lots of strategies that you may apply while playing the Pokémon Go. To help you be the best among the best we have collected all the mnnnnmnmnmnmcrucial tricks and tips that you need to excel in this game. Making Pikachu the first Pokémon is the first essential tip that you may apply.

In the beginning, the players are usually offered with Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. The trick here is to walk away from the three offers. When you do this, you will be offered Pikachu; with Pikachu, you may now begin your journey in style.

Poke Ball up again

If you missed, you can Poke Ball up again. When from the onset you have a bad aim, you will drop some Poke Balls. However, if your reflex is right you can tap on the rolling balls and recover them. It is not all about being a hero. You have to be frugal as well.

Putting a spinning on it

When you are involved in the process of catching the Pokémon, always draw a circle your Poke Ball. By drawing a circle your Poke Ball, you will get an extra XP and a spin bonus. It is also highly recommended that you shouldn’t ignore the weak ones.

When playing, there is always this temptation of ignoring the poor ones and only capturing the most elite. However, the lower level Pokémon is essential in getting the much-needed candy from Professor Oak.

Checking your ring

nbnbnbnbnbbnbnbIt is also advisable always to check your ring. The color of the ring around the Pokémon will indicate the difficulty of catching. It is, therefore, critical to pay attention since when the ring is painted red it means it is a huge challenge whereas if it is colored green, it means it is an easy problem.

When you are about to throw a Poke Ball, press and hold it, and here you will see a colored ring around the Pokémon which will immediately start to shrink. Once it is at the smallest, the chances of capturing a high CP are usually at its highest.

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The Ultimate Xbox Racing Pro

The Xbox racing game lovers, or simply put, the speed lovers, always have their tastes expands all through as they play the games. Their desire for more enhancements and comfort in the cockpit grow day by day. This desire has necessitated inventions in the racing games. More gadgets that suit the racers needs have been developed. Xbox Racing Pro requires the ultimate and the latest machine. You will now feel like you are racing with the car of your dreams when you are playing the x box racing game in that cockpit.


The Most Popular Features

jjkkmmbbzwqAll the racing wheels have certain features, which are of course similar in both design and function. The following are the features that all the speed lovers look for in the gaming gears.

Force Feedback: this feature makes one feel like they are driving an actual car. It gives you the exact feeling of the road. This force feedback is felt in terms of the rumbling and the resistance of the steering wheel. The best wheel will not deserve the title if it has only a little or no force feedback.

Wheel Diameter

Unlike regular cars that have bigger wheels in diameter of about 15 inches, racing cars have a much smaller wheel. The reason or logic behind this is that racing cars don’t need the big wheel as they are specifically meant for racing on the tracks. The tracks don’t have many turns especially U-turns. The larger wheels are only suitable for regular cars that often make the dramatic turns. The diameter of the wheel is crucial in determining the best wheel for the racing game.

Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure variation when driving is an important aspect. Some gears come with provisions to adjust pressure, especially the pedals. The best gadgets should have this facility.

Supported Platform

Some gadgets only work with certain specific devices that they are compatible with. For instance, some wheels are only compatible with the PC while others are only compatible with the Xbox. The best device should be able to work with most of the other gadgets. A wheel that will work on both the PC and the Xbox is the best since the user will not be limited to choices. Once you buy such a wheel, you will be able to enjoy your games on any available device, whether the PC or the Xbox!


jhjhjhjhjhjMany inventions have been made just to make the games better. Different brands of racing wheels have been made, and their features improved overtime.

There are several first class brands of the Xbox racing games. Just grab one of the latest brands of racing wheels and you will have most of your dreams come real, in 3D!

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