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How to Enjoy Clash of Clans

Everyone nowadays likes to play video games. We can now see most people stuck into their smartphone or tablet when on the train or bus and even most times even at home.Clash of Clans 02

One extremely popular video game for Apple and Android is Clash of Clans by Supercell. There are millions of people who are hooked on this game. It is a strategy game where the player has to build up and expand his village. As a player expands, he will be able to unlock more powerful warriors, improve the village’s defenses and use them to raid other villages and pillage their resources. You can even join clans and do many more adventurous things.

The game is available on the Apple istore and the Android play store. It is free to play, but you can also buy the game currency with real money. You can use this to buy many resources and unlock warriors and other useful things to help you move up in the game. For those who do not wish to pay money to buy the game currency, there is a hack that can be found at trucchi clash of clans gratis.

Clash of Clans 03The game itself is a very addictive game as you would want to build your village and make it grow. You can use all the features of the game for free, but if you want to grow your village faster and build more, you will need more game currency. You can try the game out if you like games that involve strategy and war and warriors.

The Warriors themselves have different abilities and powers that will help you take over other clans. If you want to experience this great game that is available for mobile devices like iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, you can download it for free. There will be no need to pay par anything if you decide to use the hack mentioned above.

So many people are enjoying this great game that it now has over 100 million downloads. You too can try it out and see if you will like the game and no doubt you will be able to enjoy the feeling that you are in fact part of the village and that you will be fighting to build it and keep it safe from other villages that try to take it over or raid it.

Try Clash of Clans today and join the growing number of players online.

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Mastering The Game – Clash Of Titans

If you are fond of amazing games, then you will find Clash of Clans a great sensation. Starting with combat to defence, the game is designed to test one’s thinking abilities, desire to win, and planning skills. You will find the tricks very easy and can easily be included in the daily gaming routine.

Defence Strategies

Create new things

If you create a new item in the game, it becomes highlighted. You need game characterto remember the highlights without leaving holes. This is necessary to strengthen your defence. Moreover, it will make it quite difficult for your enemies to break through.

Urban planning

When planning to build villages in this game, Clash of Clans, you should apply the basics of urban planning. This is necessary to help you build property that is tightly spaced. As you know, tightly spaced villages are very easier to protect as compared to ones spread over an enormous area.

Add weapons

You can add weapons to your defence. As the game progresses, ensure you get extra weapons. Other than strengthening your defence, unique abilities of the weapons are very important in attacking the enemy.

Attacking strategies

Your attacking strategy is dependent on your goal of the game. What is your goal? Are you planning to accumulate elixir or gold? The main basis for this question is that the attacking strategy changes at each stage of the game. You are advised to keep upgrading your gold or elixir collection. This will improve your chances of winning this game greatly. The trick here is to continue attacking villages that pile elixir or gold. Each time you secure victory in the battles, your resources increase along a collectigame charon of elixir or gold.

The game is based in medieval times. You will find it very interesting as it keeps you engaged throughout the day. Moreover, after mastering the techniques and tips, you will play better. In addition, the fun quotient of this game will surely multiply.

Most players of this game get confused as to which troops to upgrade. You should upgrade archers first. This is because they are valuable in the long run particularly if you are active. Moreover, it has best attacking power as compared to goblins or barbarians and it does not pick targets.

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