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League of Legends is one of most popular online games. Riot Games developed the game. It is an MOBA game, and that is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The game is oriented towards the popular Warcraft 3.

This game does not require a lot from your PC. You require at least 1GB Ram, 2 GHz processor, free 750 MB free hard space, and capable video card. You create an league of legends cosplay account according to where you live. You can create an account in the USA, although you are residing in Europe. However, you will experience higher pings. The process of creating an account is very difficult. Therefore, it is better to purchase an already created account.

The Champions
There are two games with five players each. There are many game modes. However, they are not necessary at the beginning for a newbie. At the start, every team chooses a champion. The champion is a character that you use in the battle. The type of champion will depend on your personal preferences. For instance, you can choose a brave knight, little boy, a giant granite, and many more. There are over 80 champions to start with it, and a new champion is added after three weeks.

Each champion has four different abilities. Three abilities are normal while the extra one is strong or ultimate. You can points, which you use to buy champions. The maximum number of champions you are allowed is 18.

At the start, you can play the way you want. However, at later stages, it is necessary league of legends to communicate with your team before the start of the match. This is to ensure you have a balanced setup. There are five groups of champions:

Mages is the first group. Champions in this group are known for their ability. They provide magical damage thanks to their abilities. Fighters are the second group. They deal with the physical damage. Tanks protect their carries and very hard to kill. Supports keep their carries while Junglers support their team by ambushing the enemies from the push.

Your champions usually fulfill their various roles when you equip them with right tools. At the start, you do not need champions. Every week there are ten free champions for every player to use. You can buy more champions in the shop using Influence Points.

LOL player base continues to grow exponentially. This has led to server issues. The game is fun, and you can play with your friends.

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