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Return Man 5 Review

Return Man 5 also known as Linebacker is a modification of the Return Man 3 version. The game has a lot of amazing updates and features in it. In this game, one player faces the entire team alone. In the initial stages, a player will have the ball and four players that support him. The other players will protect the ball and try to help you score.

In American football, you need a good defense for your team. This game will test your football defensive abilities. The game provides you an opportunity to display game review your skills and strategies as well.

A player will have to dodge the blockers first when running back. When you get a clear way, you will need to run as fast as you can to stop him. There is no need to hurry as this can cause unnecessary risk, which might not work for you. You should be careful and pay extra attention to movements of the other team. Discover their weak points. If you can do that, then it will be to your advantage.

If you get the opportunity, try to attack. Try to tackle some players until you get a clear way. If things do not work on your way, try to run back. The game has three special moves and techniques, which are extremely useful. However, you cannot use the moves until you unlock them.

There are a total of six controls for this game. The L function is for running right, J function is to run left, and K function is to run back. If you want to run forward, you will use I, to mute use M, and Space Bar to drive your tackles. You are free to  game customize the controls as you want.

Return Man 5 is a wonderful and modern American Football game. All gamers of different age sets can enjoy this game. The game provides a realistic atmosphere, and you will find sound effects very excellent. Some players say the graphics are not top-notch. However, this game does not require complicated graphics and effects. The game is great, and the design is amazing.

You will find Return Man 5 better than the previous versions. It does not matter whether you are an avid fan of the American football or not, you will find this game a rewarding treat. It is a rewarding game. You will earn points after completing a round.

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