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Know How You Can Get Yourself a Lol Boost For Free

gameFor the avid fanatics of League of Legends, you must have at one point wondered how you can get a LoL boost.

Step 1; Finding Free Elo Boost

Find the Elitist Gaming (EG) page on Facebook. After this, look out for posts on the page on offers talking about the giving away of free Elo boosting. EG always gives free boosts in exchange for some social shares.

Step 2; Follow the rules

  • Once you have found the relevant posts, follow the rules that will be posted there. However, the usual rules are to simply like then share the posts with friends on Facebook.
  • The person to be picked is selected randomly from the likes and shares. This is down to the fact that it is a competition in which everyone is encouraged to participate.
  • Once a person has been picked, they will be contacted through Facebook and further details given to them.

An alternative to getting free boosts is to provide EG with an idea of another contest. If the idea impresses, not only will the contest in the idea be featured, but you will also get free boosting for it.

As you can see, getting the free boosts is a very easy process. The next thing then is to review some frequently asked questions.

Chinese gameThe Elo Boosters and who they are.

These are individuals who spend a lot of time each day simply playing the game. They are not the ordinary guys who can afford to lose a game as they are paid according to their performance. They are paid to take accounts from bronze to diamond each day. Because this is how they earn their keep, they have no option but to be good at it.

The Size of the boosts.

The boosts on offer will move you up to two divisions. Therefore, if you are a bronze 5, you will end up as a gold 5. However, you are allowed to stop at silver 1-5 if you wish.

Are the free boosters good?

The answer is an emphatic yes. The boosters used are the same ones used to take people up to the diamond 1 and challenger levels. No resources are spared in the quest to get the best out of the contests.

What about getting banned for boosting?

There is a misconception that your account may be banned if a rapid increase in divisions is noted. From over 3400 Elo boosts that have been performed, not a single report has been received of an account being banned. Apart from Elitist Gaming, other similar websites have also never reported banned accounts.

All that remains is to follow this how to get a Lol boost for free guide, and you will find yourself playing with friends in a higher elo, all for free.

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